What is the Gospel?

There are many things being done using the name of Jesus and much being presented as the gospel that is not the gospel.

So, what is the gospel of Jesus Christ?

It isn’t social justice. It isn’t self-help psychology or personal improvement. It isn’t being a good person. It isn’t earning anything.

It’s recognizing that there is no good in human nature. It is recognizing that we need a savior—someone to reconcile us to our Creator, Almighty God. It is repentance. It is, through faith, believing that Jesus Christ, as fully God and fully man, is that savior. It is believing that He took our punishment, was crucified, and after 3 days was resurrected. It is having confidence that He will come again and knowing that those born again of His Spirit will live eternally with Him.

It is knowing that anything good that comes out of me is Him.

It is denying yourself, your wants, your plans, your purpose—your life and exchanging it all for Him.

It is the best decision you will ever make and it will bring you peace of mind that cannot be explained in mere words.

2 responses to “What is the Gospel?”

  1. Excellent topic to write about, Stephanie! Understanding the Gospel is so fundamental/crucial to our faith.

    “It is knowing that anything good that comes out of me is Him.”
    Yes. When I am left to my own devices, I will do nothing but sin against God and against my fellow man. It is only GOD’s grace and power in me that gives me the freedom to choose righteousness, goodness, godliness. I can take zero credit for that radical heart transformation; all praise, glory and honour belongs to my Lord, Jesus Christ!

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    1. Thank you, Emma!! It really is-we need to know what we believe and why!

      Yes!! I love the way you said that! I know that I am a mess on my own so I am so thankful for Him and His grace and power to clean me up and make me a usable vessel to spread His Word, His love, and His grace!💗 All praise to Him!!

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