Our Fathers in the Faith

We have a tendency to focus our Bible studies on our fathers in the faith—Moses, Abraham, David, etc. We look to them as role models, as examples of how to live and how not to live. We look to them to learn how to relate to God, how to walk in faith and this is good—the scripture says they were written for our examples (1 Corinthians 10:11)….yet, a majority of our focus and study should be our Lord—His life, His Words, and we should be modeling ourselves after Him—He should be living through us and we should be practicing His instructions—the fruit of which should be evident in our lives. (John 15:8)

Our relationship with God will not be exactly like our Old Testament Fathers in the Faith. Here is what we need to take away from their lives: We should walk in the faith in which they walked and put God, His Word, and His opinion above everything and everyone in our lives including ourselves. He should be our sole focus and His purpose our sole purpose.

The great news is that through the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we have more power to walk in that faith than our spiritual ancestors did.

{Hebrews 13:5}

{Matthew 28:20}

2 thoughts on “Our Fathers in the Faith

  1. True! May we follow after Christ, taking notes from our fathers in the faith, appreciating the godly wisdom from other Christians, learning from the mistakes and victories of those who came before us, but ALWAYS having our eyes fixed on Him (rather than a mere flawed human being)!


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